Skiing with Henry & Gail

The 2015/2016 Snow Season

Here are the days we will skiing this seaon:

  • December 13th to 25th
  • March 4th to 19th

Send us an email if you would like to join us for a few runs.

Skiing Moments

We have captured a few of our skiing memories on film (or memory cards, or whatever the recording media used in digital cameras is called), including:

We will also be presenting some of our favourite stories (as soon as we can find time to write them down).

Henry in Powder
Henry in 45cm of fresh POW!

Henry, Gail & snow ghosts at Big White
Henry, Gail and "snow ghosts" near the top of Big White.

Friends in our condo
Henry, Irene, Mike, Ray, Susan, Maria, Jen & Gail (back) at our condo.

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